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Have you already deployed or in the process of deploying Microsoft 365? Would you like to get the most return on your investment? Or have you created solutions on your own but need technical advice? If so, our experienced professionals can provide advice and technical assistance to help you make the most of Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Azure.


Why sign up for our free consultation session?

Our experts offer a deep knowledge base and practical skills to help your team maximise the potential of these platforms, ensuring the technological development and success of your business.


What topics can we help you with?

What topics can we help you with?

Want to understand the basic features of the platform better? Or need tips on document & file management practices and collaboration?

We map the needs and show you step by step how to easily and quickly sign documents digitally in SharePoint.

Need help implementing SharePoint in your company? We’ll talk about how to properly manage permissions, create workflows or share documents. Plus more advice on best practice when it comes to SharePoint.

We’ll show you how to effectively plan and manage your teams’ vacations using SharePoint.

Want to know more about Teams? We’ll explain the basic features of Teams, how to start and manage a team, sharing files and collaborating on documents, and much more.

Haven’t found the right Microsoft 365 subscription package for you? Together, we’ll discuss what your exact business needs are and find the optimal subscription model.

We will map your internal communcation needs to find the right solution for you.

Not quite sure what document management should look like in your company? Don’t worry, together we’ll find the right solution for you.

During the consultation, we will review whether and which information systems need to be integrated for the ecosystem to be best suited to serve your business.

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Choose a partner who's not only great with technology, but who also understands your company's unique vision and needs. We have the tools and expertise to take your business exactly where you want it to go.
We don't bind you to any commitment and we understand that you are still looking for the best solution.
The consultation lasts 45 minutes.
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ShareCloud is a long-term technology partner, helping our company evolve to the next level.
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Very pleasant communication, thorough product/service presentation and flexibility are the keywords.
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A very good partner with a professional approach and quick response.