Document management

Manage documents and information with ease

Our SharePoint-based solution offers the possibility to manage information and documents as an organic part of your daily work. It integrates with other information systems and software used in your company and provides a user-friendly experience. Plus, you can create and edit documents and information together – from any device, wherever you are.

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Document management in SharePoint is a great tool for working with documents.

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A complete solution

Why manage documents in SharePoint?

SharePoint is a great and secure tool for working with documents anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Keep track of document versions and editing over time.

Edit and save documents in PDF format with a single click.

Find the documents you need quickly with advanced sorting and filtering options.

Easily link documents to relevant vendor, partner or customer.

Find documents in seconds using a powerful search engine.

Quickly create new documents using preset templates.

Ensure secure and organised registration of all important documents.

Connect and link documents with each other to create a complete and logical document system.

Reserve unique document numbers for smoother management.


Latest system updates

We are constantly improving our solutions to provide you with a more convenient service! Find the latest updates on our off-the-shelf solutions.

January 2024
Send documents to staff for review
Sending documents to staff for consultation and keeping track of it
January 2024
October 2023
Withdrawal of approvals
Possibility to withdraw approvals for users in a specific role
October 2023
June 2023
Convert to PDF
Documents are automatically converted to PDF and sent for review once they have passed the validation process
June 2023

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