Vacation management

Make vacation planning and management easy

Simplify and automate the entire process of vacation management – from planning to vacation notice approvals and correct vacation compensation payments. Our vacation management solution in SharePoint is a tool for everyone from managers and HR staff to accountants and line workers. Forget Excel spreadsheets, emails, manually sending reminders and having to pay more for HR software licences than you actually need to.

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Find the right SharePoint solution for your business

People are a company’s most valuable asset – we value them by providing tools that raise efficiency and effectiveness.

By using Microsoft 365 and SharePoint solutions, we make teams more efficient, freeing up time to focus on more valuable tasks.

Sharepoint SOLUTIONS

How can we help with our off-the-shelf solutions?

We provide personalised solutions from needs analysis to system implementation, monitoring and maintenance. Our team of experts is at your service, step-by-step, to ensure a smooth and efficient digital transition.

Vacation management

The vacation management solution allows company employees to easily manage their planned vacations and have a clear overview of lvacation balances across different types, leave starts and changes.

Intranet in SharePoint

Our intranet solution brings together the information your employees need to work in one convenient and secure place - news, employee directory, guides & knowledge base, application forms and more.

Document management

Mobile and secure access - access all the documents you need through SharePoint, regardless of your location or device.

Digital signing in SharePoint

Digital signing in SharePoint allows you to digitally sign documents in-house or with external partners with just a few clicks.

Tailored solutions

Couldn't find a suitable off-the-shelf solution?

Discover software solutions designed exclusively for your business.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner, providing unique solutions designed to improve and enhance your processes. We understand that every business has its own unique characteristics and challenges, which is why we are committed to a flexible and detail-oriented approach, ensuring that every solution meets your specific requirements.

Our experience allows us to develop business solutions that not only free your team from routine and mundane tasks, but also optimise work flows, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your business.

We’re here to help you simplify work flows by providing the optimal software solutions that move your business forward. When you need a partner to turn your visionary ideas into reality, turn to us – your custom-built software solution is just one step away.

Software development and custom solutions

Specific solutions tailored to solve your business needs and eliminate bottlenecks, while promoting efficiency and innovation.

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Consultation and advice

Take your business to the next level with Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Azure training and consulting.

Microsoft 365

Find the Microsoft 365 subscription that's optimal for your business.

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ShareCloud is a long-term technology partner, helping our company evolve to the next level.
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