Key considerations when choosing an intranet platform

Given the modern ways of working, it’s more crucial than ever for company’s internal communication to work flawlessly. A well-constructed intranet, often seen as a relic from the early days of the internet, plays an indispensable role here. When choosing the suitable platform or technology for your intranet it is vital to fully leverage its potential. We’ve seen various approaches and technical solutions for intranets. Based on our experience, we’ve compiled the key aspects to consider when choosing an intranet platform and introduce SharePoint Online’s capabilities specifically as an intranet solution.

Intranet – still very relevant

Intranets serve as the backbone of internal communication in an organization. They provide a secure, private network where employees can find and share information, collaborate on projects, and access essential services. This internal ecosystem fosters a culture of openness and connectivity, crucial for boosting innovation and productivity. In the era of remote work, the intranet offers a virtual space where the community and a sense of belonging are maintained, which is key for engaging and retaining employees.

When combined with other internal communication channels such as instant messaging platforms Teams and Slack, the result is a well-functioning ecosystem that supports effective real-time collaboration and well-managed information distribution across the organization or within teams.

Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing an Intranet:


As organizations grow, their intranet must adapt to accommodate an increasing number of users and more complex processes. The chosen solution should offer easy scalability to support business development and growth without significant rebuilds.

User Experience

A user-friendly interface is crucial to encourage adoption and ensure that employees can effortlessly find the information they need. The findability of information, the number of clicks to reach information, and well-structured diverse content contribute to faster adoption of the intranet by users. An intuitive design reduces training requirements and enhances overall productivity.

Integration Capabilities

An effective intranet solution must seamlessly integrate with a wide array of external applications and systems used in the company. This integration capability ensures that employees have easy access to the tools and data they need for their daily work, allowing for more efficient operation and quicker task resolution.

Security and Manageability

Given the sensitive nature of the information stored in the intranet, strict security measures and compliance with regulatory standards are indispensable for any potential solution.

SharePoint Online as an Intranet Platform

SharePoint Online, part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, is an example of an intranet solution that excels in the aspects mentioned above, making it an excellent choice for organizations of various sizes and processes. It is designed for those looking for a powerful, quickly deployable solution with extensive integration and customization options.


SharePoint Online is designed to grow with your organization. Its cloud-based approach ensures easy scalability for accommodating more users or content without significant investment in IT infrastructure.

Exceptional User Experience

With customizable templates and intuitive design options, SharePoint Online allows for the creation of a user-friendly intranet tailored to any organization’s specific needs and branding. Its modern interface ensures that users can easily navigate the content and quickly find the information they need.

Extensive Integration Capabilities

One of SharePoint Online’s strengths is its seamless integration with the Office 365 suite and other Microsoft products like Teams and Yammer. This integration facilitates the creation of a unified work environment where communication, collaboration, and content management flow smoothly between different platforms without the user noticing. Additionally, a competent technology team can easily create connections with other systems used in the company, whether they are financial, HR management, or other software solutions.

Security and Manageability

SharePoint Online offers advanced security features, including data loss prevention, information rights management, and secure access controls. It also meets a wide range of international, regional, and industry-specific standards (e.g., ISO 27001, GDPR, CIS, CSA, WCAG), ensuring that sensitive information is protected as effectively as possible.

In conclusion, the intranet remains a vital component of any organization’s internal communication strategy. When selecting a technical solution, it is important to consider scalability, user experience, integration options, and security. SharePoint Online stands out as an example of an intranet platform that meets these criteria, offering a versatile, secure, and user-friendly environment that supports the evolving needs of modern organizations. For those responsible for internal communication, SharePoint Online offers a great solution for promoting an accessible, connected, and productive workplace.

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